Wednesday, 13 June 2007

A sword in the stone or a knife in the back?

On 9th June Falkirk BNP and then the national party website announced that Councillors Chris and Joanna Beverley were stepping down from running the party’s Excalibur merchandise division. Over the coming month management will pass to Nicholla Ritchie of Falkirk branch and Arthur Kemp of South African State Security.

The Beverleys say they are handing over the reigns so that they can spend more of their valuable time on their duties as councillors. Of course anyone who knows anything about the financial goings-on in our party will observe that they have cut and run just when the tax and VAT authorities are sniffing around and asking whether the owners of Excalibur have paid their dues on all the income of this lucrative operation.

Like Kemp himself and Bep Nieuwhof, who Kemp brought into the party, Ritchie too has a security interest in that she worked for MTB (Scotland) Ltd, a provider of a range of private security services. We wonder if they carried out any work for state-connected operations while she was there.

Strangely the party’s announcement credits Chris Beverley with starting Excalibur. While we would not wish to detract from his success in running it for some years, we mustn’t forget Steve Belshaw’s role in getting it off the ground. Steve and his brother have been very active in our cause in the East Midlands for a long time though he seems to have dropped out of favour recently, concurrently with Sadie Graham’s rise in the region.

Elsewhere longstanding members of our party are beginning to openly question the status quo in the BNP. Amongst them is Paul Ballard, a Nationalist with a long and interesting history of political activity for our people.

Many people forget that Paul stood in the dock at Harrow Crown Court alongside Nick Griffin in 1998 when they were charged under the anti-British racist Race Relations laws. Paul pleaded guilty in the hope of getting a reduced sentence because he was worried about the effect of him going to prison on his ailing mother, who had been a steadfast political and financial supporter of nationalist causes.

The fact that he has made his move in the run-up to the leadership contest is significant because he has a very large personal following in Croydon, London’s largest party branch.


Pete R said...

I see that another blog is trying to dispute your Arthur Kemp story.

But a very well known historian linked to our movement has been warning against Kemp for some time.

When will the party leadership accept that it's time for a tribunal to investigate the serious charges against Kemp?

Appointing him to such a sensitive position with access to financial records and personal details of party supporters is either a stupid mistake by Griffin, or evidence of something much worse than stupidity.

Anonymous said...

oh please this has to be your most pathetic post yet.

Anonymous said...

Deja Vue

They split the NF in 1970/80's by the same tactics.

Congratulations you bunch of half wits are doing it all over again. And the sad thing is its the same old questions re-run.

You really are sad and poison. You all want to be tin pot leaders.

Bad luck, if you succeed in doing down the party the membership will go and you will have nothing.

No Nationalist will folow you bunch of pack rat opportunists, what a waste of space you are.

The only support you have is from Chris Eubanks sister Sharon, and your welcome to her!!

Captain Black

Anonymous said...

What utter unfounded rubbish this story is.

It is very sad that you have to take every subject out of context, causing problems and issues which dont even exist, to try to undermine the current BNP.

Chris and Jo Beverley are a credit to this party. They are both fantastic Cllrs who simply wanted to move on to concentrate on their Council work and their young family. Why create hysteria?

Get on with the leadership challenge campaign. Chris jackson isnt known outside the NWest, and those that do know him outside of this area, understand that he was a great inspiration to the movement years ago. Now he is a washed out whinger who has done nothing for years except pick at the present leadership and anyone who wants to move the party forward.

Hurry up and form your raving nazi party, then us decent patriots who work rather than talk can be free of your bullshit!

Anonymous said...

I think the Beverleys are also spies working for the state along with nick grifiin Arthur kemp and Nick's mum Jean.

They are all members of ZOG.

Jo Beverley and chris are really Mossad agents not BNP Cllrs and have passed exclaibur on because they are so well paid as councillors

Anonymous said...

Hello Pete R,

Still bashing Arthur I see, you seem to have a down on South Africans.

Can't say more lest you complain about "ad hominem" default smears etc and my comments being irrelevant.

See you around

A D Jones

Pete R said...

Hello Dave,

No problem with South Africans in general - just with acknowledged state assets like Mr Kemp.

Years ago I even persuaded JT that Bev might not be a 100% factional Griffinite.

Shame I was wrong...

Or was I? If you and Bev can persuade the leadership to allow a free and democratic election (which you know would be in their interests anyway if they can set aside their paranoia) then you will have proved me right :-)

All the best,

Pete R

Anonymous said...

keep it up guys, you are doing a cracking job. it is good someone is finally speaking out against the bnp leadership who are now acting against the interests of nationalism, as we saw with the poor last local election results.

i also do not think much of the 'bnp backwards' blog. i left a comment there asking why it was necesary to instantly attack anyone who dared criticse the griffin leadership and, suprise suprise, they did not publish it. so much for freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there is a danger that those opposing NG are overstating their case. However, there are issues that need addressing.....the BNP is not Griffin's personal property as he seems to think and he's got to take the views of the membership on board. All financial transactions must be transparent, at the moment there is too much wheeling and dealing.

NorthWestNationalists said...

"Deja Vue

They split the NF in 1970/80's by the same tactics."

Of course you are attacking Mr Griffin here, as he was a major player in the debacle that you describe.

This is why Herr Griffin must be detached from the Chairmans position.