Saturday, 7 July 2007

Our party staggers towards disaster

Much has gone on in the three weeks since our last posting. Firstly, Britain Forward now has over 100 supporters, all committed to turning our party away from the depths into which Nick Griffin is leading us and making it once again an organisation that can head the fight to protect our race and nation.

A fair few of us signed Chris Jackson’s nomination papers. Some would have liked a candidate to come forward who is better known nationally but no one felt ready to take up the challenge this year. Nevertheless we felt it was important that members should have the opportunity now to express their opinion on Nick Griffin’s failing leadership.

Many will already have seen the exchange of correspondence between Nick Griffin and Mike Easter, Chris’s campaign manager, which you can read here []. And many people will have wondered what kind of a party it is in which one candidate tells the other how the election will be run. In any truly democratic organisation, such arrangements would have been decided by an independent returning officer and elections committee and be designed to be equally fair to all candidates.

Nick Griffin has taken it on himself alone to determine the rules, and imposed rules that greatly restrict how candidates can campaign, something that unfairly disadvantages the lesser known candidate. In our view Griffin’s actions not just smell of Stalinism but positively reek of it. If Chris does not mount a challenge in the courts, it will only be out of loyalty to the greater good that is our party.

The Jackson4leader website on which the correspondence has been posted was set up by Simon Sheppard. How odd that Simon should have been arrested and detained by the police within days of the site appearing. Who is looking out for Nick Griffin?

Nick Griffin’s insistence on personal centralised control was apparent in the edict that local units are no longer allowed to have their own BNP websites or blogs but must make clear that the author’s views are solely their own and not the official BNP stance. The June organisers’ bulletin states: “We will give one month for all bloggers to co-operate, after that time we will use the copyright laws to go after individuals misusing the BNP logo and BNP brand name.” What is Nick Griffin frightened of that he must suppress freedom of thought in the party by threatening to take our own members to court? He wants us to be recognised as a major party, but we do not see Labour, Tories or Lib Dems stopping local websites from using party branding.

Another manifestation of our chairman’s Stalinism is the way he desperately trying to recapture control of Solidarity. When it was first set up, much was made of its independence. Yet as soon as people questioned the way in which Nick Griffin’s old mate Pat Harrington was running things, Nick went apoplectic, hurled accusations and called for all party members to join Solidarity and vote at an EGM in the way he instructed. We don’t want to go into all the details here and now, though there are certainly questions to be asked, such as whether Solidarity could ever have been independent and open to all to join, yet remain under the control of our party’s leaders; and why our party is relying so heavily on the support of a man (Pat Harrington) whose politics are far removed from those of the BNP. Suffice it to say that the current spectacle of various people washing their dirty linen on the websites of our enemies is causing a great deal of damage to our party’s reputation.

It is not only over Solidarity that our chairman has allowed our party to degenerate into a brawling mass of backbiting among councillors and activists. All sorts of accusations of malpractice are circulating, according to our contacts around the party, including renewed allegations of financial impropriety.

More disturbing is the complete disregard of security right at the top of our party’s security department. We have previously referred to a man who has ambitions to oust our head of security from his position. We can now name that person as Matt Single, the security department’s secretary, whose brown-nosing correspondence with Martin Reynolds conceals his hatred of the man.

When eventually the postponed summer training school takes place, Matt Single will lecture members on various security issues. All of us have been told several times of the need to use more care when sending any party data by email and that not to do so is a disciplinary offence. Matt Single himself has threatened other members with punitive action for failing in this area. So it is a bit surprising that, as well as bullying and knifing people in the back, another of Single’s less endearing attributes is his big mouth. Whenever he has something to say about details of the party’s security arrangements, he has to tell the world. Anyone wishing to harm Nick Griffin or disrupt our training courses could have a field day as a result of this.

The postponed summer school will take place in Denby Village in the same place as RWB, a relocation that we questioned in one of our earlier postings. It has long been party policy not to publicise the venue of events but use redirection points. Yet when it comes to our biggest event, the media have known the precise location several weeks ahead, well in time for our enemies to make their own plans. This puts at risk our members’ families including young children, whom the reds could well target. However good the arrangements put in place by our security department, the RWB site has a very long perimeter.

In addition, the event may now not get entertainment and liquor licences for fear of public disorder, regardless that such disorder would not be caused by those attending. Though the organisers have said the event will go ahead in any event, it will not be much fun without live entertainment and alcoholic beverages. The fact that Alan Warner is a local parish councillor will not give him any clout with the licensing committee and the RWB organisers are fools if they thought it would. And the views of Sadie Graham, who sits only on a neighbouring council, will count for nothing against local residents who fear their picturesque village will become a riot scene. In the past our leadership had the good sense to hold the RWB on farmland far from a built-up area where there would be no local opposition. Perhaps Dave Shapcott, organising the event from afar, did not realise how near the village the venue is.

Enough about security for now. Many party members were surprised when Cllr Richard Barnbrook was appointed as the representative of all councillors on the Advisory Council in November 2006, with his murky past and his inability, despite the largest BNP council group in the country, to achieve anything positive for local residents or for our party. He cannot even keep his own councillors in order. Only last month Cllr Jamie Jarvis embarrassed our party by getting caught up in a police drugs raid at a local pub that the local BNP group regularly uses for meetings. He should have been at a council meeting representing his ward and our party.

The national representative job was obviously beyond a man who cannot even sort out his own back yard, so it was only a matter of time before someone else was appointed as the party’s “councillor liaison officer”. Nick Eriksen, our London organiser, says diplomatically that he will work “in addition to, not replacing, Richard Barnbrook”, but everyone knows he is there to make sure the job actually gets done. His first email on how our councillors can retain voter support is the sort of thing we should have had from Barnbrook a long time ago. Nick Eriksen once sat as a Conservative councillor in Southwark where he gained a reputation for fighting for issues close to our hearts.

Most people in the party know that the choice of Richard Barnbrook to take on Red Ken in the London Mayoral election next year is a disaster in the offing but Nick Griffin doesn’t seem to care.

Perhaps the problem is that Nick Griffin and those close to him have taken their eyes off the ball and have their minds on a speculative property purchase in Croatia and setting up offshore bank accounts. Where is all the money coming from? Is it part of Nick Griffin’s personal fortune or is it the members’ money? And is Nick Griffin using senior members as a conduit to ship money abroad?

Monday, 2 July 2007

A letter from Nick Cass

Dear Sir,

Can i ask you what this website is aiming to achieve? I do not agree with either the Britainforward website or the britainbackward website. In my opinion this leadership challenge should be fought with integrity and honesty.

If Chris Jackson feels he can do a better job than Nick Griffin then let him have a go at proving it without third parties getting involved spreading false rumours and nonsense. I believe anyone has a right to challenge for leadership but only with the right intentions. These intentions are to further our cause and achieve our goal of power in our own nation, and not out of spite, hatred or jealousy as i feel is the case this time. I wont even begin to address any of the subjects you write about as they are irrelevant to how this challenge is fought.

You have to admit the BNP has been successful. Not as successful as we want, but more so than ever before. I personally don't think Chris Jackson will be a better leader or is capable of being a better leader than Nick. Nick griffin has been the best leader this party has had and is currently the best leader the party can find.

I find it insulting to be labelled a 'yes' man because i am part of the party's staff. I say yes to nobody unless i believe its the right decision, and only after discussion will i backtrack on my decision. I am a hard nosed Yorkshire man not some wimp!

You are insulting a lot of people who work tirelessly for the party with the best intentions at heart, either volunteers or staff who on a peanuts wage have to deal with an increasing amount of pressure and workload. The party's staff work miracles on the budget we have, they deserve congratulations not ridicule. The organisation is not perfect but which is? Every department is improving and members of staff are learning and fine tuning the organisation. This is the important thing. But one thing is for sure, it is a damn site better than it has been under any previous leadership, and its a damn site bigger.

When the right man for the job comes along, i know Nick Griffin will gladly step down, just as all true nationalists will do when its their time. And then I along with the people who care about this party and its aims which include its membership and its staff will back the new blood as we work towards winning our country back. Until this happens we will support out of loyalty to our party and our noble cause and not out of personal loyalty to Nick griffin the best man for the job, and i have no doubt who that is.


Nick Cass
BNP Party manager