Saturday, 7 July 2007

Our party staggers towards disaster

Much has gone on in the three weeks since our last posting. Firstly, Britain Forward now has over 100 supporters, all committed to turning our party away from the depths into which Nick Griffin is leading us and making it once again an organisation that can head the fight to protect our race and nation.

A fair few of us signed Chris Jackson’s nomination papers. Some would have liked a candidate to come forward who is better known nationally but no one felt ready to take up the challenge this year. Nevertheless we felt it was important that members should have the opportunity now to express their opinion on Nick Griffin’s failing leadership.

Many will already have seen the exchange of correspondence between Nick Griffin and Mike Easter, Chris’s campaign manager, which you can read here []. And many people will have wondered what kind of a party it is in which one candidate tells the other how the election will be run. In any truly democratic organisation, such arrangements would have been decided by an independent returning officer and elections committee and be designed to be equally fair to all candidates.

Nick Griffin has taken it on himself alone to determine the rules, and imposed rules that greatly restrict how candidates can campaign, something that unfairly disadvantages the lesser known candidate. In our view Griffin’s actions not just smell of Stalinism but positively reek of it. If Chris does not mount a challenge in the courts, it will only be out of loyalty to the greater good that is our party.

The Jackson4leader website on which the correspondence has been posted was set up by Simon Sheppard. How odd that Simon should have been arrested and detained by the police within days of the site appearing. Who is looking out for Nick Griffin?

Nick Griffin’s insistence on personal centralised control was apparent in the edict that local units are no longer allowed to have their own BNP websites or blogs but must make clear that the author’s views are solely their own and not the official BNP stance. The June organisers’ bulletin states: “We will give one month for all bloggers to co-operate, after that time we will use the copyright laws to go after individuals misusing the BNP logo and BNP brand name.” What is Nick Griffin frightened of that he must suppress freedom of thought in the party by threatening to take our own members to court? He wants us to be recognised as a major party, but we do not see Labour, Tories or Lib Dems stopping local websites from using party branding.

Another manifestation of our chairman’s Stalinism is the way he desperately trying to recapture control of Solidarity. When it was first set up, much was made of its independence. Yet as soon as people questioned the way in which Nick Griffin’s old mate Pat Harrington was running things, Nick went apoplectic, hurled accusations and called for all party members to join Solidarity and vote at an EGM in the way he instructed. We don’t want to go into all the details here and now, though there are certainly questions to be asked, such as whether Solidarity could ever have been independent and open to all to join, yet remain under the control of our party’s leaders; and why our party is relying so heavily on the support of a man (Pat Harrington) whose politics are far removed from those of the BNP. Suffice it to say that the current spectacle of various people washing their dirty linen on the websites of our enemies is causing a great deal of damage to our party’s reputation.

It is not only over Solidarity that our chairman has allowed our party to degenerate into a brawling mass of backbiting among councillors and activists. All sorts of accusations of malpractice are circulating, according to our contacts around the party, including renewed allegations of financial impropriety.

More disturbing is the complete disregard of security right at the top of our party’s security department. We have previously referred to a man who has ambitions to oust our head of security from his position. We can now name that person as Matt Single, the security department’s secretary, whose brown-nosing correspondence with Martin Reynolds conceals his hatred of the man.

When eventually the postponed summer training school takes place, Matt Single will lecture members on various security issues. All of us have been told several times of the need to use more care when sending any party data by email and that not to do so is a disciplinary offence. Matt Single himself has threatened other members with punitive action for failing in this area. So it is a bit surprising that, as well as bullying and knifing people in the back, another of Single’s less endearing attributes is his big mouth. Whenever he has something to say about details of the party’s security arrangements, he has to tell the world. Anyone wishing to harm Nick Griffin or disrupt our training courses could have a field day as a result of this.

The postponed summer school will take place in Denby Village in the same place as RWB, a relocation that we questioned in one of our earlier postings. It has long been party policy not to publicise the venue of events but use redirection points. Yet when it comes to our biggest event, the media have known the precise location several weeks ahead, well in time for our enemies to make their own plans. This puts at risk our members’ families including young children, whom the reds could well target. However good the arrangements put in place by our security department, the RWB site has a very long perimeter.

In addition, the event may now not get entertainment and liquor licences for fear of public disorder, regardless that such disorder would not be caused by those attending. Though the organisers have said the event will go ahead in any event, it will not be much fun without live entertainment and alcoholic beverages. The fact that Alan Warner is a local parish councillor will not give him any clout with the licensing committee and the RWB organisers are fools if they thought it would. And the views of Sadie Graham, who sits only on a neighbouring council, will count for nothing against local residents who fear their picturesque village will become a riot scene. In the past our leadership had the good sense to hold the RWB on farmland far from a built-up area where there would be no local opposition. Perhaps Dave Shapcott, organising the event from afar, did not realise how near the village the venue is.

Enough about security for now. Many party members were surprised when Cllr Richard Barnbrook was appointed as the representative of all councillors on the Advisory Council in November 2006, with his murky past and his inability, despite the largest BNP council group in the country, to achieve anything positive for local residents or for our party. He cannot even keep his own councillors in order. Only last month Cllr Jamie Jarvis embarrassed our party by getting caught up in a police drugs raid at a local pub that the local BNP group regularly uses for meetings. He should have been at a council meeting representing his ward and our party.

The national representative job was obviously beyond a man who cannot even sort out his own back yard, so it was only a matter of time before someone else was appointed as the party’s “councillor liaison officer”. Nick Eriksen, our London organiser, says diplomatically that he will work “in addition to, not replacing, Richard Barnbrook”, but everyone knows he is there to make sure the job actually gets done. His first email on how our councillors can retain voter support is the sort of thing we should have had from Barnbrook a long time ago. Nick Eriksen once sat as a Conservative councillor in Southwark where he gained a reputation for fighting for issues close to our hearts.

Most people in the party know that the choice of Richard Barnbrook to take on Red Ken in the London Mayoral election next year is a disaster in the offing but Nick Griffin doesn’t seem to care.

Perhaps the problem is that Nick Griffin and those close to him have taken their eyes off the ball and have their minds on a speculative property purchase in Croatia and setting up offshore bank accounts. Where is all the money coming from? Is it part of Nick Griffin’s personal fortune or is it the members’ money? And is Nick Griffin using senior members as a conduit to ship money abroad?


Matt Single said...

Hi guy’s its Matt Single, the BNP’s budding wannabe head of security.
Although I very rarely, if ever react to childish Searchlight nonsense and slander, after reading your latest offering which includes comments about me, I thought I’d break with tradition and post back a short comment as I’m at a bit of a loose-end right this moment.

I must say, I’m mildly flattered that you think me important enough to spend time attacking me, it’s always nice to know you’re very nearly over the target when the flack starts to rise towards you.

However, I am most disappointed with your ham-handed style and material, which truly indicates the underlying level of your sheer ineptitude. By this stage I would have thought that you would have scratched-up something just a little more sophisticated.

The blatant Sate and it’s e-mail info hackers sending crap to Gable, then him forwarding it onto you isn’t really doing to help you in anyway whatsoever because I can tell you, your web-site is a complete laughing stock amongst us and entirely inane. (Inane means pointless and useless).

The fun I’ve had reading your diatribe out with the campaign teams have really helped to put a spring in our step while out working; and we have certainly been very busy indeed.

I wonder whether or not you should hire a four-year-old to help you with your writing? Just a passing thought.

My friendship with Martin is a strong one and we have certainly had a good laugh at your expense. The Department of Security knows great trust, friendship and solidarity within its ranks. These are strengths I expect you have never experienced, or will ever know; so I’ll save you becoming confused by not expanding further.

We are getting stronger as we become more effective and professional, and the more muck you throw, the stronger we will become as all good and true nationalists understand; so do keep it coming please. (That ageing little Marxist zit Gable must be pulling his beard out. Please pass this onto him for me).

Anyway, I can hear the kettle has just boiled, so I’m sure you’ll excuse me now as I’ve already wasted three minutes of my time with you. Please keep up the good work and I thank you personally for putting a smile on my face.


Anonymous said...









William Jax

Pete R said...

Matt Single thinks he needs to explain the meaning of "inane".

Before trying to be patronising he should check his own text, in which (inter alia) "guy's" should be spelled "guys" and "flack" should be spelled "flak".

Anyone who really wants to know how shambolic BNP security has become should read the new book by Joe Owens: 'Action! Race War to Door Wars', available at

Anonymous said...

Apparently Single owns a shotgun and takes it to bed with him every night; he is now under investigation for arms snuggling.

Anonymous said...

Good point Mr Jax. The fact that this web-site has done nothing like your suggestion makes me think............

A D Jones
Ashton u Lyne

Pete R said...

Perhaps Mr Jones should look at the behaviour of his own faction before criticising others - notably the Britain Backward site produced for Mr Griffin by the South African state agents Arthur Kemp and Bep Nieuwhof, which doesn't even mention the Stoke murder and continues with its policy of spewing bile against other nationalists.

Very noticeably Kemp and Nieuwhof's site - unlike this one - does not offer a right of reply to factional rivals.

observer said...

Yes, its Searchlight.

Britain Forward said...

Well Matt Single what a little twerp you are.Reynolds must be wiser than to turn his very broad back to you.

Have we not had enough trouble with unbalanced people in our party without you joining in suggesting how wonderful it would be to cut peoples knee caps out and hand them to them in their hospital beds. You sound like a reject from the Red IRA.

Lecomber the would be assassin, the man who followed NG's call for Civil War and people who invite visitors to our Festival from the USA and now find the fool locked up on serious firearms charges.

Your problem young man is that in your efforts to think with a certain part of your anatomy rather than your immature brain you have descended into the worst kind of pillow talk.

With members like you on the loose leading others into trouble, its a miracle that we don't have more members behind bars.

A lot of our supporters are ex-squaddies who have fought real wars unlike little squirts like you

Anonymous said...

Tut tut tut, got you a little riled have I Gabe? lol

How’s Sonia? K and the lads send their regards. (Sounded like a lot of fun back then).

I won’t be replying to anymore of this nonsense, although I must say it has been fun; keep it coming please.

By the way, I am an ex-serviceman with shoulders just as wide as Martin’s (Figuratively speaking)

Britain Forward said...

We had a very good laugh at your expense at Britain Forward. What army were you a squaddie in the Salvation Army?

Whose this K. some of us think its must be the Kaiser or could it be that traitor Keith Thompson who admitted to taking a lot of money from Searchlies and Gable back in the seventies and eighties.

It appears you must be the only people in the party who would trust him at Branch meetings, so much for Security".

Loads of people in the BNP are outraged by Thompson's presence at meetings and its common knowledge he took a load of money from the enemy , so this won't do him a heap of good.

West Mids said...

Pete R? Would that be a certain known Searchlight operative from the North West talking there by any chance? With friends like you Chris Jackson is certainly going to need all the help he can get.

Some of the people involved in this traitorous campaign can expect to be ex-members, like Pete R., once the formality of the vote is all over.

Pete R said...

Interesting that our latest Griffinite sees the Jackson campaign as "traitorous" and expects its supporters to be expelled.

One more example of his master's tendency to see any dissent as treason.

And as good a reason as any for any wavering BNP voter to cast their vote for Chris Jackson.

West Mids said...

Pete R., I would have Nick Griffin for a master than the one everybody knows you work for, and as you are no longer a member of the BNP I would politely suggest that the leadership contest is absolutely none of your busines.

Pete R said...

Paranoid thugs like "West Mids", who spend most of their time trading obscenities on an internet forum, are part of the reason why the BNP under Nick Griffin is going nowhere fast.

"West Mids" seriously imagines that no one but a BNP member should have a view on the party's leadership contest.

No other political party would take this view. But that's because other parties are serious about gaining power and using it: the BNP at present is more a semi-religious cult centred on Nick Griffin and is serious only about making money for NG and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Well said Pete R.

West Mids and others need to look at all the evidence, however painful, of the way the BNP is being run.

We all need to ask questions such as:

why are so many business schemes set up by the BNP?

shouldn't the BNP concentrate on increasing support and votes?

shouldn't the BNP rely on donations and membership subscriptions for income?

why not leave money making to successful professionals who concentrate on running their businesses?

This is not a comprehensive list of questions, just a few examples.

It is this sort of question that is just one of the reasons for unease in many party members.

Until the BNP concentrates on politics, the suspicion will always remain that the leader is using it only as a client list for his business schemes.

Those suspicions can be crushed by submitting detailed accounts....on time...and not after the leadership contest is over.

Those accounts need to be truly transparent...and to be just that they need to be prepared and audited by people independent of the leadership and accountable to the membership.

When accounts are not prepared like that, anyone and everyone should be suspicious.

If you were a supplier/customer/investor of a company that prepared and audited its accounts the way the BNP does, even you West Mids would be wary.

So damn well apply the same standard to the BNP!

The voters surely will, even if you do not.

West Mids said...

"'West Mids' seriously imagines that no one but a BNP member should have a view on the party's leadership contest."

Not at all Pete. Like most people who know a bit about what's happening on the nationalist scene, I totally understand why it is that you have such an interest in the BNP's leadership election.

You certainly have some front, I grant you that.

Anonymous said...

I hear now that BNP Lottery and Freedom Promotions man Kenny Smith has left his wife to shack up with new Excalibur Leader Nicholla Ritchie.

So much for the family party of Britain. When will there be an end to the sleaze? The story is that he moved to live with his new girlfriend when still married and now his wife has booted him out.

What does it have to do with anything? Well it's the BNP. It has to do with all of us who put time and money into it. Rumours are that he also has a swastika tattoo on his back. What a gift to searchlight that is

I'm getting tired of the BNP

Anonymous said...

A gift to searchlight you say?
You are searchlight you moron!

No one else would write such dribble.

When will you finally crawl back under your rock?

Anonymous said...

oh really. then prove otherwise. I think you will find that your lottery and freedom (illegal company by the way)is not the family man he claims to be. In fact the BNP doesn't seem to be anything it claims to be these days.

Anonymous said...

yes i heard the same. Seems the BNP is becoming just like the other parties.

Anonymous said...

You clearly know nothing about Solidarity or our internal politics. Our Union is run by the members. Nick Griffin has provided us with support and encouragement. We appreciate that just as we note the attacks on our Brotherhood from you and others. As a Nationalist Union we seek to maintain friendly relations with all Nationalist groups. We continue our work defending the rights of our members and British workers generally.

We have just held independently scrutinised elections to pick our leadership. Every member had the opportunity to stand. We are a democratic, independent Union. Anyone can join, regardless of Party affiliation. Your attacks are both misguided and misdirected.

Anonymous said...