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David Michael responds to Britain Backwards

David Michael responds to the accusations of Britain Backwards.

Dear Britain Forward

Nick Griffin has launched an attack on me in his
'Britain Backwards' blog. This seems to be a response
to material that appeared on the 'Britain Forward'
blog. I would therefore be most grateful if you would
please permit me a little space on your blog to
respond to Mr Griffin's allegations.

You will recall that I resigned from the BNP some
years ago after I was informed that a sum of Party
money intended for leaflets had ended up in the
telephone account of David Hannam. Nick Griffin failed
to take action against Hannam, who is now BNP Deputy
Treasurer. Nick has now decided to attack me for
making this matter public.

First, Nick claims that I am an 'unstable individual'.

Rebuttal 1. If this is the case, why did Nick, who has
known me since 1979, appoint me as organizer for
Yorkshire and Humberside BNP after David Hannam
suddenly resigned due to his first bout of 'personal
problems'? The thrust of Britain Forward's original
allegation seemed to be that Griffin surrounds himself
with odd people. If I am indeed 'unstable' then the
fact that Griffin appointed me to office would seem to
confirm Britain Forward's case!

Rebuttal 2. My record speaks for itself. I have been
running a successful business in this country since
1995 and before that in South Africa since 1991. I
make a profit. I have no criminal record whatsoever. I
am a happily married father. I have never been
involved in any scandals. I am not being treated for
any mental illness. I do not smoke and I drink very
little. I have written a series of articles for Sharon
Ebanks' New Nationalist Party, one of which
deconstructs the Griffinite position on Israel. I
invite your readers to take a look at it (it's here and
consider whether it is the work of an unstable
individual or simply someone who happens to disagree
with Nick.

Second, Nick claims that I 'descended into a deep
depression and resigned in a mad rage when the BNP had
its Annual College in 2001 because [I] did not want to

Rebuttal: Unfortunately for Nick, my letter of
resignation has been circulating on the Internet for
years, ever since I passed it on to the rather dubious
Troy Southgate, who passed it on to Red Action, from
whose Web site it was taken by the Canadian
anti-racist group Nizkor. It may be found on Nizkor's
Web site to this very day
-- typos courtesy of Nizkor, who also appear to have
cut sections. It conclusively refutes Nick Griffin's
version of events and shows, despite the 'editing',
that I resigned because of David Hannam's apparent
theft of Party money as well as political differences
with Griffin.

Third, Nick writes: 'John Brayshaw demanded of David
Hannam to show him the branch accounts (where the
donation had been recorded) and then also show him the
branch cash. From this, it was obvious that there was
nothing missing and that the allegations by David
Michael were utterly fictitious.'

Rebuttal: In my article 'Five easy lessons for British
( I
recounted events thus:

'Finally, I telephoned Hannam. He confirmed that he
had not paid for the leaflets. He had no coherent
explanation. I told him that unless he returned the
money to the party and resigned as organizer then I
would complain to the police. I gave him a short
deadline. Hannam duly returned the loot and resigned
from the position of local organizer. I subsequently
received an email from Tony Lecomber, then BNP branch
liaison officer, thanking me for my good offices in
getting the money back.'

It will be noted that Hannam returned the moneys after
he was threatened with police action. He also resigned
as Hull organizer (he was reinstated some time later).
If Brayshaw checked the accounts AFTER the money was
returned then he will indeed have found none missing
at that point.

However, every time a cheque is cashed it leaves a
paper trail. This can be followed by the police if
necessary. Members should ask Griffin a simple
question. Do the accounts show Hannam returning a
large sum of money to the BNP? If they do, is this not
evidence that I am telling the truth? If they do not
then clearly someone has been fiddling with the
accounts. This would presumably be a matter for the

Finally, I know how much Nick Griffin and Dave Hannam
like money so I want to give them a simple chance to
make some. Nick has stated that my allegations were
'utterly fictitious'. They are also very serious. They
involve financial misconduct at the highest levels of
one of Britain's political parties. If I am indeed a
'wealthy individual', why not sue me for defamation? I
suggested this several weeks ago -- I have still not
heard a squeak.

Documentation exists to prove every word that I have
said about Hannam. I have been reluctant to make it
public because I detest the British press even more
than I dislike Griffin. However, I want to give
Griffin a clear warning. I want an end to the lies on
this issue. If I don't get an end to the lies, I go to
the press with the proof. Right before the next
elections. Simple as that.

As for Hannam, I don't much care what happens to him.
Maybe he has turned over a new leaf. Criminals
sometimes do. If BNP members want to send him their
cheques that is no concern of mine, just as it is no
concern of mine if BNP members want to purchase real
estate on Alpha Centauri.

Yours sincerely

(Dr) D E Michael

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waste no time with such irrelevancies. The Griffinites will not answer the issues. Rather they will smear with personal stuff.

Do not allow 'them' to set the agenda.

Go on the attack !