Monday, 11 June 2007

Over to you, Chris

With almost Stalinist rigour Nick Griffin has deprived Chris Jackson from access to the main forums and websites that BNP members visit and respect. All that is left open to him to put forward his challenge for the BNP leadership is “equal space” in our internal members’ bulletin British Nationalist.

What has also greatly disturbed us is the sudden spinelessness of Richard Edmonds, a man widely respected for his long record of activity in our movement both at home and abroad. Although we did not agree with some of what was on the BNP Leadership Challenge blogsite, it did raise some important issues about the corruption and seediness that is so damaging our party. Edmonds lame excuse for getting the site pulled was that it was washing the party’s dirty linen in public. Come on Richard, that doesn’t really wash.

Rest assured that we at Britain Forward will remain and will make full use of the freedom offered by the internet to carry on raising those questions that we know many members want answers to from our chairman.

In the interests of doing our bit to restore balance in the BNP leadership election, we offer Chris Jackson and his supporters space on this site to publish their manifesto. We also invite questions to Chris to which we hope he will supply answers. So over to you Chris.


Anonymous said...

who the hell is Chris Jackson?

I've been involved for 3 years and I've never heard of him. In fact, nobody in the branch i belong to has heard of him.

Might i suggest he actually puts profile forward in the party, otherwise i think he is going to struggle if nobody knows him.

I'm all for democracy, so it doesn't bother me he is standing, but he clearly lacks a profile.

Anonymous said...

I've been an active member of the BNP for 3 years yet I have never heard of Chris Jackson before this leadership challenge.
Can you please tell me what he has done for his local group/branch, his local community, his region and or the BNP.
Thankin ye muchly

Anonymous said...

Will Jackson have his HQ at the UAF offices as they seem to be running his campaign.
Is this site run by a well knowm anti fascist?

Pete R said...

It is ironic that those who have complained about his blog on Stormfront have AFAIK not complained to Nick Griffin about the party's refusal to allow 'official' campaign sites for leadership candidates.

This is a rule which would be unimaginable in any other British political party, and it is in danger of making the BNP a laughing stock.

Britain Forward said...

So anonymous doesn't know who Chris Jackson is but has been a member
three years. Clearly he is one of the many armchair nationalists that
chairman has recruited in that period. Chris was an honoured and
organiser in the north west, not frightened to lead from the front, but
sacrificed on the altar of Nick Griffin's ego in his rush to replace
and key activists with yes men and women.

We have rejected a comment from someone who chooses not to fight our
politically and with activism but instead makes abusive remarks about
alleged disabled child.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find it was a spastik child I was talking about and there's nothing alledged about it in the same way that someone close to John Holloway who live's in the UK has been found and will suffer a great indignity. Once again that's not alledged either it will happen and very soon from what I gather. Do you think you'll make this public or shall we just wait and see what happens?

Anonymous said...

Well Britain forward you are wrong, i am not an armchair nationalist. I stood for the BNP and i canvassed my ward 2 full sweeps in the elections just gone.

But, i still would like to know who Chris Jackson is? Where does he come from?

Yes i have been a member for 3 years and i have never heard of him, and i have bad news for you, a lot of members have been members for 3 years or more or less, are you going to dismiss them too?

Who the hell is Chris Jackson?

Someone nosey said...

'Is this site run by a well knowm anti fascist?'


Pete R said...

Mr Anonymous asks "Who the hell is Chris Jackson"?

If the BNP allows anything resembling the type of campaign that any other party would allow for a leadership candidate, he may find out.

Alternatively Mr Anonymous could try showing a little more humility in seeking to remedy his ignorance!

Chris Jackson was the North West regional organiser of the BNP throughout the period when that region was transformed from being a relative backwater for racial nationalism into a stronghold for the BNP, a party which became famous worldwide on the back of tremendous election results in the North West council districts of Burnley and Oldham.

It's no secret that I have had disagreements with Chris Jackson in the past.

But no one could possibly deny that the party came to prominence in his region while he was regional organiser, and has declined in its main North West strongholds since he left that position.

Britain Backward said...

You are taking a hammering here:

Anonymous said...

i see your forum has been well and truly humiliated. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Britain Forward said...

We suggest you keep your powder dry for a little longer whilst we
unravel BNP HQ's lies on their backward blogsite.

Anonymous said...

If this site is an open debate that will allow us to ask questions in the hope of Chris answering them, then i have one.
I have always liked and got on well with Chris Jackson but, if people are to truly believe in him does he have the bottle??
Before pro-Jackson supporters start slating this post the reason i ask is important.
I was involved in a relatively new branch in the north west when Chris was north west regional organiser. We needed him most for the 2003 elections and a few months before he dropped us right in it. Disappeared off the face of the earth.
Without a fine lady from Burnley helping us we would have been in deep sh*t.
How do we know he won't run off again?