Saturday, 9 June 2007

Sad Sadie Graham

Since we posted our questions to Nick Griffin, we have been sent further questions from party members and some non-members. Mostly they are concerns about where all the money raised by the party has gone but some people have picked up on our questions about people in the party with connections to an overseas state intelligence service.

We will return to both these matters. As the Red White and Blue Family Festival approaches we are being asked what prompted Nick Griffin to move its location from Chris Jackson’s back yard in the north west to down Cllr Sadie Graham’s way.

There is no disputing that Cllr Graham is a huge asset to our party. Her organisational skills are second to none, certainly far superior to those of Tony Lecomber. The way she deals with non-functioning branches or activists is a treat to behold.

Her interests in martial arts and sharpshooting might prove to be far less of an asset for the BNP’s image. Those who wonder why she has gained the nickname “Sad Sadie” might reflect on the fact that whilst she is an excellent organiser she is very unsuccessful at choosing her mates.

Some of those organising this year’s RWB are petrified at the prospect of her erstwhile Australian boyfriend turning up. Australian nationalists tell us that apart from his heavy drug dealing connections he is a manic depressive with a psychotic edge who once stabbed a fellow nationalist with a knife. We hope everyone can now breathe a sigh of relief as the international love match collapsed and Sadie’s ex-lover published a photo of her allegedly taken in Great Britain of her aiming a rifle. We just wonder who is in her telescopic sights.

Her latest friend appears to come out of a similar mould. He, too, seems seriously mentally unbalanced. Maybe Nick Griffin should have a word with her about the type of company she is keeping.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to print my comments or are they too pertinant?

Who are you?

Why use the "blogger" web site? To avoid revealing your identity/identities?

And what has Sadie Graham's hobbies got to do with Nick?

Give my worst wishes to Gerry next time he 'phones.

Anthony D Jones

Anonymous said...

You could equally write something like this about Mike Easter or someone else in your faction!

Anonymous said...

sadie has caused ruptions in the BNP by taking 8 weeks off last year on holidays but still getting paid full time.

She also took a part time job to cover all this. Rumors are she has now more holidays coming at full pay.

Talk about squandering members money on useless officials.

People feel she is never around.

Anonymous said...

Sadie Graham, whose grandfather was Anton Vici, a sculptor from Italy.

Anonymous said...

considering how many men she has slept with in the BNP, this is no suprise. XXXXXX one of the latest.

Britain Forward said...

We have deleted the name of the latest person Sadie Graham is supposed
to have slept with, according to anonymous, as it is an unsubstantiated
slur on someone who Nick Griffin has recently taken against and we know
from past examples that false accusations are sometimes made against
those who upset our chairman. We wonder if this is an attempt by Nick or
his supporters to avoid answering the growing number of questions about
his leadership of our party.

Britain Forward said...

What makes you think that we are part of Mike Easter's, Richard
Edmonds' and Chris Jackson's faction?

Pete R said...

Dave Jones should have more sense.

Surely it is obvious by now that this blog represents a group of BNP dissidents who are not a front for Chris Jackson, old Tyndallites, myself, or whomever.

They have their own opinions, and good luck to them!

I would prefer that personal slurs against Sadie Graham were avoided, but there are many people closer to the modern BNP than I am, and perhaps I should accept their judgment as to what issues are relevant.

Anonymous said...

And what about Sadies background in hunt sabeteur and Anarchist circles in Brighton? If she has genuinely seen the light great, but thats what they said about Tim Hepple......

Anonymous said...

I would not take read too much into Sadies hobbies. What would however be interesting would be to find out about John Walkers military service. It was alleged on another blog that he was involved in the massacre of 15 Muslims in Kosovo in the early 1990's whilst serving with the British Army, taking great pleasure in watching some of the wounded die, refusing them any medical attention.

Anonymous said...

This blog is contributed to by black Ebanks who rehashes old searchlight stories.

It´s a classic trick by reds To slur the name of good nationalists by making up stories about their personal lives.

Jackson needs to distance himself from twats like Ebanks who are working with the reds.
I was thinking of voting for Jackson but he can now fuck off now he has reds and non whites like Ebanks backing them.

Jackson has damaged his name by associating with scum like Ebanks.
If Jackson wants to get some credibility back he need to denounce the reds and any so called nationalists who are working with the reds as well as the black Ebanks.

Why don´t you look at Ebanks history, black Father, Asian boyfriends, possible half Asian kid and who has been shafted by anyone who will have her, now working with the reds.
Print that.

Britain Forward said...

It is beyond us party loyalists why this woman of mixed race was ever
allowed into our party in the first place.

We will soon be publishing some more questions for our leader which
will touch upon matters of this nature.

SimonUK said...

Leadership positions should be given to those who do the job best, not to those who choose the best "mates". You say that her "organisational skills are second to none", and she is a "huge asset to the party". So what's the problem?

Sadie Graham is hardly bad for the BNP's image -- she's young, female, has a degree from one of the best universities in Britain (Nottingham), is articulate, hasn't said anything UAF-leaflet-quotable, etc, etc. What's so appalling about being interested in martial arts and shooting?

And why bring up the problems with her *ex*-boyfriend? If you're alleging that she was covering up his illegal activities -- i.e. breaking the law herself -- thne it might be a different matter. But otherwise, it's nobody's business but her own.


On a completely different note: does anyone know what happened to the BNP's essay writing competition for young people, that was set last year? I think it was called "White Horse", and the theme of the essay was peak oil. I spent a whole day on that, but I'm not aware of any winner ever being announced.

craigmason71 said...

If the prize was cash I can imagine where it went

Anonymous said...

They're still learming to read.

B.Bennett - Organiser Dorset BNP said...

This site is designed to slag off BNP officials who work tirelessly for the British Nationalist cause. Sadie, John and Richard - a few of our best!

Sadie has been spat on by a lefty, and now shit on by you lot!

At least i know what side shes on.

So shes fired a gun, oh wow, thats really ground breaking news - not. Better hide my air rifle.

Who doesnt have relationship problems? its none of our business.

Being a group development officer for the BNP is a stressfull job - she deserves a break, and being an organiser, there is allways someone else to help if needed ie group support.

She has always been very pleasant and hard working in my experiences with her.

Being in the BNP is like having an extended family.

You act like a load of gremlins, well like searchlight actually.

I will be voting for Nick Griffin.

Anonymous said...

"Rumors are she ..." We spell the word "Rumour" in the UK, yours is the American way............hmmmmmmmmmm