Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Question time

Do we really have something to celebrate?
Collett is laughing all the way from his out of service print shop to the bank thanks to our Chairman.

Thanks to those many BNP members who have contacted us since our first post. Some are 100% behind Nick Griffin so much that they don’t even want to respond to his welcome for “a properly conducted challenge as a way of confirming his popular mandate to continue running the party along present lines, and of displaying the BNP’s unusually democratic leadership selection system to the British people as a whole”. Others support our present leader but believe debate is healthy and will only strengthen us.

When we said we had spoken to around 300 party members and have a list of questions for Nick, a few people took it to mean we have 300 questions. In fact a handful of the people we spoke to had no questions at all and were very nervous about even questioning the way the BNP is going. Most did have concerns, many shared by several members.

A fair few mentioned the moral standards of some party officers. We are concerned about the way some people’s behaviour in private has become public knowledge and is damaging the BNP’s reputation. We do not want to fuel that and condemn absolutely those who were responsible for spreading certain pictures.

There is an exceptional case which we will come back to, which a number of members mentioned to us. There has been a lot of disinformation and Chinese whispers but we believe we have an accurate account of events from the victim herself.

Here now are some of the more serious questions.


1. Mark Collett’s printing press

Why, after the party spent £70,000 of members’ hard-earned cash on Mark Collett's printing press, are there so many complaints that he is nearly always behind with printing leaflets etc?

Why does he have to pay a local print shop at commercial rates to do print jobs that he has taken on for the party?

The point of buying our own equipment was to make our printing cheaper and ensure that our literature production cannot be stopped through third parties like UAF and Searchlies putting pressure on commercial printers as has happened in the past. Why has Nick Griffin not intervened to safeguard our investment?

2. Dave Hannam

Why has Dave Hannam been promoted beyond his competence?

We thought he had been removed from all party positions after being jailed alongside the seriously deranged Simon Sheppard. But when he came out he was soon in a position of financial responsibility. Then a wealthy donor complained that the money he had given had never reached the party but Hannam used it to pay his phone bills. The donor stopped giving. Why did Nick Griffin ignored this complaint and then insult our intelligence by promoting Hannam to Deputy Treasurer?

3. Great White Records

The party pumped money into Great White Records but now Companies House shows that the company has never filed accounts, which is against the law. It is now proposed to strike the company off, which means its money will be lost. Many members complain they have ordered goods and not received them. Why has Nick Griffin allowed this to happen?

We hear from Great White Records that their latest release is songs all written by Nick Griffin. We would have thought that running a party of this size would be a full-time job. How much time is he spending writing songs instead? Is this why he is ignoring the problems?

4. Welsh Assembly elections appeal

One of our staunchest Welsh members wondered why the BNP website asked for donations for the Welsh Assembly elections to be sent to an English address, which made it look like we had no organisation in Wales. In fact it was the Great White Records box number, which is further cause for concern. Why was the appeal run from that address, especially seeing as John Walker lives in North Wales?

5. BNP Security Department

A number of members are concerned about the people working in the party’s Security Department. People are saying that having our leader surrounded by up to 30 men in Mafia type suits and dark glasses, like on the TV reports of the court case, makes the party look bad. Worse, some are saying the security department are unprofessional and incompetent.

People who have asked Nick why he needs so much security and how much it is costing the party have been told that he fears he will be murdered on the streets by a political enemy or Muslim fanatic.

A report about a bomb threat to him during a visit to Sweden appeared to be without substance but did add credence to his claimed fear of assassination plots.

How much is Martin Reynolds paid as Head of Security?

Did Mrs Reynolds get the job of appointments secretary to Nick Griffin (shades of John Prescott?) on merit or because she is Martin’s wife, and how much is she paid?

How much are others on the security team paid?

How are the people in the security department vetted? We have heard that one of them has ideas about getting rid of Reynolds. If there is in fact a threat it could well come from within our own ranks.

How many training courses are this team going on, like the very costly secure driving and anti-kidnapping courses, and what do they cost?

How are the course providers chosen? Some security companies work for government departments and may be hostile to the BNP.

6. Overseas funding

What political strings are attached to funding that Nick Griffin obtains from abroad?

7. Nick Griffin’s pay

Exactly how much is Nick Griffin being paid and in what forms (wages, expenses, etc), and how many members of his family are in receipt of party funds.

8. Hypocrisy

We all know that Islam is the greatest danger faced by our nation and people. Many people we have spoken to, who have been in nationalist politics for years, wanted us to ask why Nick Griffin in the late 1980s was praising the Iranian dictator Ayotollah Khomeini and sucking up to the American black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan and his British supporters.

We are prepared to forgive Nick’s visit to the murderous Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya in the company of Patrick Harrington who is now the General Secretary of Solidarity. This could be put down to the indiscretions of very young men keen to follow a revolutionary path to securing the future of our people.

But why much more recently was Voice of Freedom being printed by a company in East London owned by powerful Saudis, the very country that gives political and financial support to Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden?

And why in 2002 did Nick Griffin share a platform in Cambridge with the Muslim terrorist cleric Abu Hamza, who is now serving a long prison sentence for inciting murder?

Is this just a case of our leader spending too much time writing songs and taking his eye off the ball or does he not really care about the well founded fears of BNP members and the British people? This type of behaviour will come back to haunt us time and time again.

9. Selective discipline

Jonathan Bowden was threatened with disciplinary action by Nick Griffin for speaking at a meeting of the New Right group in London organised by Troy Southgate. Around half the audience of more than 60 nationalists were BNP, including Councillors Julian Leppert, Rod Law, Peter Turpin and Susan Clapp and many well known party activists. One of the speakers was a Muslim extremist and another was a raving pagan who insulted our Christian faith.

Jonathan Bowden has stood his ground against our chairman’s threats but he is unlikely to be allowed to address any more party meetings. This of course is pushing him towards the anti-Griffin camp.

The two questions are:

Why has Nick Griffin alienated our National Cultural Officer and popular speaker?

Has Nick Griffin had the guts to try to discipline the four councillors who were at the meeting?

10. A blind eye to infiltration?

Our party quite rightly puts measures in place to keep red and zionist infiltrators out. However several people with a dubious background seem to have recently been promoted in the BNP to positions of influence.

Arthur Kemp worked for South African intelligence under the nationalist government and may have played a part in killing the red scum agitator Chris Hani. When the blacks took over and started destroying that wonderful country, Arthur Kemp changed sides and was sent to work inside nationalist groups in Britain, Germany and the USA. He was reinforced by a former South African Special Forces soldier Lambertus Bep Nieuwhof who also found favour in our party becoming a branch officer and then put in charge of the BNP Forum, despite the worries of some senior members. He is now running Solidarity’s website and is clearly privy to sensitive information. He got off a bombing charge in South Africa with little more than a slap on the wrist and not the 12 years imprisonment that Kemp claimed he got. Bep had also done a deal to sell out his old political allies to the black Marxist South African Intelligence Service.

Why is a man of Nick Griffin’s intelligence conveniently blind to what is happening right under his nose? There have even been suggestions that Arthur Kemp might be a future chairman of our party.

However, it is not only the foreigners in our party who seem to have a dubious past.

Richard Barnbrook has been attacked by our enemies over a homosexual film he made many years ago, but nobody speaks about his long membership of a left-wing Labour Party branch in South East London.

Robert Bailey claims to have been a Royal Marine commando and have links with Germany. One of our members, a former army officer, has shown us the result of his research into Bailey's background that indicates he may be working for British Military Intelligence as an infiltrator into the BNP.

Maybe he was not fully scrutinised by the party when he turned up and handed over his £3,000. We hope this was not to turn a blind eye.

We have only touched upon the tip of the iceberg.

11. Who is ultimately responsible?

Some members have said that our failure to advance at this year’s elections is not the fault of our chairman but that middle management is to blame. If that is so, why is Nick Griffin not doing anything to put the right people into those posts?

In conclusion

We invite Nick Griffin to respond to our questions and put before party members his vision for our party’s future. We want only the best for the BNP. We are not among those who are determined to replace our present leader whatever. We want our party to grow and be able to defend our people against the Islamic threat facing Britain.

However we are also prepared to listen to others who believe they could do a better job and make this forum available for their manifesto for a better leadership of the BNP.

Britain Forward


SimonUK said...

"We all know that Islam is the greatest danger faced by our nation and people.."

Really? You think that "Islam" is a greater danger to us than international "Zionism" and corporate "capitalism"?

"Islam" isn't a danger to us at all -- it's a religion which most of us would hardly even be aware of if there were not other forces at work.

Britain Forward said...

SimonUK seems to question the whole basis of our party's present
direction but we think his "traditionalist" views have little support in
today's BNP and even less amongst the British voters that we need to win
over. The 48 of us in Britain Forward vary in our views on how much
emphasis we should give to the traditions of British Nationalism. Whilst
SimonUK's views on the power of Zionism and international finance may be
correct, the immediate threat to our people comes from the murderous
doctrines of Islam.

Pete R said...

"The immediate threat to our people ...from the murderous doctrines of Islam" is precisely zero.

We are in danger of falling for the claptrap about the so-called "clash of civilizations" which is promoted by the "neocon" lobby in the United States.

Our problem with Muslims is nothing to do with the Islamic faith, it's to do with the fact that they (and 57 varieties of other minorities) are here in Britain.

For a very long time (in fact right up to the 1950s) Muslims, including very fundamentalist Muslims, were among the British Empire's most valued allies.

We need to differentiate clearly between the threat of Asian gangs on the streets of British towns (some of whom may use Islamic rhetoric as a flag of convenience but whose militancy would have developed in this way regardless of their faith) and the international conflict in which we have become embroiled as a result of the Bush-Blair-Sharon axis - a conflict from which nationalists should be trying to extricate Britain. We should certainly not be seeking to stoke this conflict further through a wrongheaded analysis of the so-called Islamic threat.

Anonymous said...

I agree with SimonUK completely. I hope CJ isn't going to continue banging the same tired old 'anti-Islam' drum that Griffin started.
People are well and truly fed up with it.

Britain Forward said...

Pete R appears to be blind, deaf and dumb. Wasn't he around on 7/7,
wasn't he around when they failed in a second attempt later that month?
Has he never heard of the 1857 Indian mutiny when these so-called trusted
allies rebelled against their British officers and callously murdered
them, their wives and children? Has he never heard of the Black Hole of

Wherever Nick Griffin and Chris Jackson stand on this issue, the
increasing number of members talking to us are almost unanimous in their
belief in standing firm against the Muslim invasion and potential
destruction of country. Whatever twists and turns our chairman might make in
his relationship with these people, the 48 of us who signed up to Britain
Forward see Islam as the most potent threat to our nation.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Pete R is absolutely correct !

The problem is not their religion, it is them themselves.

So we are supposed to like negroes, or sikhs or latter day rainmakers because they are not muslims ? I don't think so.

They are here, and we do not want any of them here.

Pete R said...

Of course I'm against the non-white invasion of Britain - but I don't confuse the issue by imagining that 'Islam' is the threat.

The threat comes from the disintegration of our own culture - a cultural decay which has little or nothing to do with Islam; the tidal wave of immigration, which obviously includes many Muslims but which in itself has nothing to do with Islam; the hypocrisy at the heart of our 'democracy' - summed up in the title of Ken Livingstone's book - 'If Voting Changed Anything They'd Abolish It' - which again has nothing to do with Islam.

For racial nationalists to join Lee Barnes's worldwide crusade against Islam would be a dangerous delusion.

Britain Forward's comments reveal the depth of the confusion by bringing the Indian Mutiny into a discussion of 7/7, and mixing up both with the issue of immigrant invasion.

This is populist claptrap - and as the British people start to see through the neocon arguments it will be unpopular populism at that!

Answer just one question for me 'Britain Forward' - if Islam's 'murderous doctrines' are the heart of the problem, why was there next to no Islamic terrorism on British soil or against British targets before Blair signed us up to the imperialist aggression in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

I think this blog has been set up by Griffin supporters to make the anti-Griffin camp look like fools.

I mean, how pathetic can those "questions" be?

Anyone casually browsing them with even a smattering of knowledge of how the BNP works can see they are a load of bollocks.

Britain Forward said...

Well well, Pete R, something for you and our many readers to muse on:
we are amazed at the amount of people who claim to be true British
nationalists, whether or not they are BNP members, who have a growing
fixation with democracy. As we said in our initial statement, the 48 of us
are all British nationalists and at present members of the BNP, but some
of us started political activity in various organisations, some of
which were not so enamoured with democracy.

Before our chairman introduced democracy into the BNP we did have
something called accountability and maybe that's why members knew where
their money was going and how it was being spent.

OK, so maybe the Indian mutiny 150 years ago is ancient history to some
people, and at least Pete R acknowledges the tragic circumstances of
7/7. Whilst not wishing to promote a rival party, if you can call it that
with its tiny membership, you might look at the National Front's Fallen
List and see just how many of our countrymen have fallen victim to the
murderous antics of these so-called cultured Muslims.

Britain Forward said...

If anonymous really is a BNP member, perhaps he should try asking
around the party and then he will find that these questions are indeed on
many members' lips.

tonydj said...

"Blind Eye to infiltration".

You do not mention certain other infiltrators who have been found out. Why? Too embarrising?

And you do not comment on certain recent North West events.

Indicating that you either find them embarrising to your arguement (The BNP not as incompetant as you wish to portray them) or you simply don't know about them. (You are not as well informed as you would like us to believe)

Britain Forward said...

Tonydj, we are more concerned about the infiltrators that remain than
about those who can no longer do damage. Our party has exposed and
expelled many infiltrators in the past. If you are so concerned to name them
then do so yourself.

Pete R said...

FAO tonydj:
If you are concerned about issues of BNP 'inflitration', I know for certain that one of the most prominent of those accused under tha Griffin regime would be very happy to face a proper inquiry into any of the preposterous allegations against him.

Would Mr Kemp and his friend be prepared to face a similar inquiry into the allegations against them?