Sunday, 3 June 2007

A line in the sand

A line in the sand

Today the British National Party stands at a crossroads. Potentially it is the most successful organisation created in the defence of our people, but it seriously risks becoming the victim of internal strife similar to that which befell the NF, which was the most powerful nationalist organisation in Britain since the war in terms of membership numbers.

The BNP has huge support among the people. Millions of Britons understand the threat to our country posed by mass immigration, a threat far greater than we faced in two world wars and from Communism in the Cold War. Al Qaeda terrorists roam unchecked. Islam is imposing its Sharia laws on us and no-one in our dhimmi government dare oppose them. Our young people cannot get jobs, cannot afford homes because of immigrants who have priority in housing, benefits, jobs.

Yet we still only have 49 councillors. Yes it was under Nick Griffin’s leadership that we first achieved electoral success in 2002 (though we should never forget Derek Beackon’s victory in Tower Hamlets long before Griffin). But promises of over a hundred councillors this year came to naught. Why? The support was there, the activists were willing to work for it, but the leadership blew the chance.

The phrase “a line in the sand” has been much used and abused and easily drips off our tongues. Now we use it in the full knowledge that we have but a short time to restore the good name of the British National Party and ensure it acts in the best interests not only of its leader and members but of the indigenous population.

This is where we draw our line in the sand in our people's defence.

Chris Jackson after three years of threatening to do so has stated he will challenge for the leadership of our party this year. He and his Reform Group has the support of a growing number of present and past officers of the party including one of our best loved members Richard Edmonds, as well as Mike Easter, a long time financial and political stalwart of the party.

Jonathan Bowden has clashed with Nick over his right to address other nationalist audiences. One of the most damaging elements in what may appear to be a one-sided power struggle is the way the party has become a gossip mill, with on one hand Nick’s way of dealing with dissent with an almost Stalinist ruthlessness and on the other hand irresponsible members damaging us by spreading unfounded gossip.

Stories circulating include one that makes out that Edward Butler, who achieved so much for us since 1993, is being ignored by the people Nick has appointed and whose advice led to our disaster at this year’s elections.

The imposition of Richard Barnbrook as our candidate for London Mayor next year has shocked even those members who are most loyal to the leadership. The chances that looked good for us to gain at least one seat, if not more, on the Greater London Assembly in 2008 are being destroyed because Nick’s actions are failing to bring key London activists into line and ensuring the continuance of disunity in London region.

A recent very well attended meeting in South West London was used by Jackson’s supporters as a recruitment opportunity. Many of us think that Jackson is just a stalking horse for a stronger candidate being groomed to step out of the wings and take centre stage in the coming months for a challenge next year.

Britain Forward consists of 48 members with a joint membership running into hundreds of years in the cause of British Nationalism and defence of our land and its people. We include party officers, former officers, candidates, financial backers and hardworking long suffering activists who publicly and privately have helped carry us forward and now dismay at our chairman’s stewardship of the party and the antics of some of those who now stand in growing numbers to oppose him.

It is not because of cowardice that we do not sign our names to this declaration; it is common sense seeing the way in which Nick deals with criticism of his leadership and did in the past. Stormfront threads on the Reform Group were quickly removed because of Nick’s close links to Don Black its owner.

Britain Forward does not define itself by a precise strand of nationalist opinion or align ourselves to any past leader of our party. We encompass the widest possible views save only that we support the defence of our people and Britain’s white Christian traditions. We want what is best for the BNP.

Who can deny the 14 words of David Lane, sadly no longer with us. David Lane took up armed struggle on behalf of the white people of the USA, something that many might disapprove of. Our leader has double standards on this. He condemns Richard Edmonds, who has an impeccable nationalist track record going back more than 30 years, because of his loyalty and friendship to fellow nationalists in Europe, but he continues his close political relationship with a multi-millionaire who has a terrorist conviction.

If Nick wants those who have served this movement since the start to fall in behind him in any election for chairman of the party, he will need to come up quickly with answers to the questions about his own behaviour and that of our party under his stewardship. Talking to over 300 party members over the last six months we have accumulated a series of questions that we want Nick to answer before anybody decides how they are going to vote.

If you have ideas for the betterment of our party, views on how to secure a fair election for the leadership (incredibly, the way the contest is to be run will only be decided after nominations close on June 30th), more questions for our chairman or matters that you think should be brought to the attention of fellow members, you are welcome to post a comment here.

We only want what is best for the BNP and the future of white Britain.

We will resist all attempts to silence us.

Britain Forward Steering Committee

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The Green Arrow said...

When are you going to post these "questions"?

Britain Forward said...


Vote Freedom said...

So if Nick Griffin wins any leadership challenge will you be backing him in the fight as a united party for future election sucesses or would you be doing like many have before and be splitering off into yet another nationalist party which will mean no one wins apart from our enemies.

Britain Forward said...

There is no future for any of us in yet more splits. Nick Griffin may
well win a leadership election this year, it depends on what other
challengers might emerge before nominations close at the end of this month,
but if he is to regain the confidence of the organisers and activists
who matter most, he will have to listen to us and those like us.
Otherwise the internal strife will carry on and grow and wreck our great

The Green Arrow said...

Hmmm. I suspect that your little cabal has already made its mind up about Nick Griffin and the future you would like for him. Et Tu Brute.

My take on your concealing your identity is this. You have not made your complaints known to the Chairman because you believe he would not listen to them because they are either so extreme or they would remove the power from him he needs to lead and defend the party.

To me your demands that he listens or else are ridiculous. Would you pay any attention to an anonymous letter saying you have to change or else? You could be Boy George for all we know.

I would really would like to see "your questions" but without a name you are a nobody and whereas the party can afford to lose a nobody the party can not afford to lose Nick Griffin.

Anti-gag said...

Nick Griffin may not be perfect, but he is by far the best person to lead the party.

He's taken a no hope party (1 councillor in 17 years) and turned it into a political movement that won over three-quarter of a million votes in the last European elections.

If there is a problem with the British National Party, then it’s with the middle management, some of whom are the very people backing this challenge.

No Nick Griffins not perfect, but he is the most charismatic and capable politician in Britain today. And I would welcome the chance to show my support for all that we have achieved under his leadership.

The problem with the BNP is not Nick Griffin, nor is it the grassroots membership, it’s people like the authors of this blog.

Nick Griffin is leading the BNP into government. Not this year, nor next year, but soon. Get on board or move out of the way!

Chris Hill

Britain Forward said...

Our names are not important. We have not published our names because we
want to concentrate on the issues. We don't want discussion over the
future of our party to degenerate into personal attacks and proscription
as they have always done in the past. You have not joined the BNP
yourself so as to be free to say want you believe without anyone telling you
not to. We are in the BNP but we want the same freedom which we don't
have under the present leadership. You know what we are saying is right
about the problems in the party and our failure to achieve the
successes we deserve. Have patience and more will be revealed.

The Green Arrow said...

But I see that your attack is two pronged. This blog being the good cop and the other blog with the pornographic images, attacks on non party members and family and the washing of dirty linen in public being the bad cop.

Are you in any shape or form associated with the authors of that blog and do you condemn outright their actions. If not why not.

Do not be so foolish to deny your knowledge of the sites existence as the information they published could only be obtained by middle management people.

I think I have seen enough now to know that this not just a leadership challenge but an attempt to destroy the BNP and the one real man with the Charisma and will to lead us to victory.

The reason of my not being a member of the BNP is so that should I be arrested in the future by the state , they will not be able to claim that I am a BNP member. Besides, I dont need a card to fight for my country.

Britain Forward said...

We are not connected with any other blog.

SJH said...

This leadership challenge is an attempt to drag the party back to the bad old ways. In the unlikely event Nick Griffin were to lose, the result would be to alienate and drive away the new blood in the party that has given us more of an acceptable face. I mean, how hard is it allready for some BNP members concerning jobs and keeping them. If they are found to be members of a hardcore racialist party they will have no chance in any tribunal.

Oh, and I've seen the 'other' blog. Disgracefull! And the Jackson leadership challenge people should distance themselves from it asap.

Plowart said...

We have answered some questions for you.

Britain Forward said...

Some members and supporters of the BNP have suggested that is connected with us. We
categorically deny this. We think that blog is an excuse for disgusting
pornography. Also it contains more than a few inaccuracies. If we are
to take the political and moral highground in this matter we should
behave with integrity and honesty and without fear.

Plowart said...

I'm sorry you find the truth pornographic. Perhaps you can tell Mr Reynolds to cease displaying himself along with his wife like a whore?

As for inaccuracies, care to point them out?

Any moron can see that this blog was started to oust Eddy Butler who insisted the party would not do well this year. It was Griffin who insisted on playing it up for fear of demoralising you all. If you knew the outcome was going to be crap you wouldn't have leafleted, would you?

We await with baited breath your proof of the inaccuracies, but be warned, we will upload files to the Internet to prove our claims.

Anyway, what do you think of GWR taking BNP members money while going bust?

Sid Williamson said...

Green Arrow does not even know who Richard Edmonds is!!

Just another new Tory watering down the ranks.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! Although I'm NOT a supporter of Nick Griffin I can't honestly see anyone around who can replace him, Chris Jackson is totally unknown, certainly in the south anyway. The whole party badly needs a shake up, the paid officials need to be more accountable, and the membership kept fully informed where the money is going.

All in all the membership should have the chance to vote for an alternative leader.

Cllr Richard Barnbrook said...

This is really becoming quite petty. There is only one person suited and competent to lead the BNP and that is its present Leader: Nick Griffin.
As regards me being elected to stand for London Mayor this was chosen with out Nick’s input, by three London Officers from all sides of our party’s political persuasion.
The best man was chosen: After all who, with his team, got elected 12 councillors??
Let US put an end to this before the infiltrators put an end to British Identity (Nationalism).
If those apposed to the rot, of this Good Nation, want to do something positive to turn back the clock, then spend your time on the streets listening and assisting OUR people. Otherwise go and watch soup operas.

Britain Forward said...

We wonder who the "three London officers" are who chose as our mayoral
candidate someone who has such difficulty in writing coherently in the
language of our great nation.

Anonymous said...

Barnbrook - Has it been sorted out who are the gla member candidates and if the 14 gla constituencys are
gonna be thought?

captainblack said...

Do none of you people learn from history. Look back at the NF - driven to obscurity, not by the enemy but by internal feuding and division.

Split after split wrecked the NF and I see all the same old signs again, the same old lies and the same old false claims being raised.

Now we have secret groups of people setting up 2nd rate web sites, fuelled by dilusions of self importance.

Take a look at what happened to the NNP, your heading the same way. Get on board and back the BNP or get out you low life traitors. You are enemies of the British people who only have poison and false witness to offer.

You are an abomonation, seeking to wreck the British resistence by masking it as a favour your doing us all in opposing NG. Your not, you are the enemy and need to be treated as such.

Shame on you all you disgusting ego maniacs, now the BNP is becoming mainstream you want to be leaders, however, you kept your heads well down when the threat of prison sentences were flying around - you were happy to leave that one to NG.

Do yourselves a favour - go away - You are not Nationalist's you are opportunist's - We have you well spotted and you will be discredited. The membership will remember the man who led from the front and risked all, the man who took on the establishment and beat them.

Do you think they will be taken in by a bunch of backstabbers hiding behind a web site.

Your bolt is well and truely shot.

Captain Black

Britain Forward said...

Captainblack, it sounds like you are as blind to reality as the captain
of the Titanic. We are not prepared to sit back and see the work of
thousands of patriotic British nationalists go down the drain because of
lack of security and financial mismanagement. The BNP and Nick Griffin
are not synonymous. If you are genuinely concerned about the future
prospects of our party we suggest you carfully read the questions we have
now posted and then you might be less insulting and hysterical and think
more about our movement's future.