Sunday, 17 June 2007

Here comes the scum

When we set up Britain Forward we engaged in some long and heartfelt discussions about the danger of giving ammunition to our enemies like the bunch of trotskyist scumbags and race traitors who go by the name of Lancaster UAF, now taking pleasure in BNP members “slogging it out”. If we are “slogging it out” it’s so our party emerges stronger and more vibrant than at any time in its history, strong enough to see off red scum like UAF and Searchlies. Be warned, life is not going to get any easier for the haters of our white Christian people.

Their intelligence is so poor that they insult us by suggesting we have something to do with that half-caste vengeful clown Sharon Ebanks. No, Britain Forward consists of British nationalists who want only to build a strong and successful movement that is fit to rescue our proud country from a tide of alien immigration that, if unchecked, will lead to the Islamification of our country. To do this we must first root out the cancerous political growth within our own movement, a leader who sees our party as his personal fiefdom. Our activists have not come through the street battles of the seventies and eighties, in some cases spending time in prison for our beliefs, and experienced the start of ballot box success, to allow either red scum or our own chairman who is betraying us stand in the way of ultimate victory for the British people.

So Mr Lancaster UAF, here’s something to make you choke on your smoked salmon and gefillter fish. We started with 48, two days ago there were 57 of us and we woke up this morning to continue the battle with nearly 70 supporters. This is turning into an avalanche that will destroy the enemies within and without the British people.


Nationalist14 said...

Sirs, whilst understanding the very real need to return to true white nationalist ideology, do you not think that this inter-factional bickering can only harm our movement long term. I have no axe to grind, however I realise that this forwards/backwards inanity is really not about nationalism, but rather personal disagreements. Far left fools, and misguided egalitarians, hang onto every word, relishing nationalist disunity, as it serves their malevolent purpose.

I walked away from the BNP some time ago, given their failure to address any issue’s, other than those perceived as anti-Islamic. In my view, there are many more problems afflicting our people, than merely the rise of militant Islam, the BNP appears to have adopted a rather pro-Zionist stance. Which for myself and many others is intolerable, they also appear to embrace Sikhism, and the disproportionate Negro crime rate, appears almost as taboo, as the subject of international finances strangle hold .

Sirs I believe, and have done for some time, that in the future, there may be a need, for a completely new nationalist party, perhaps an amalgamation, of the many disparate nationalist groupings now present. However for potential recruits looking in, nationalism can only appear as, a fractured ideology peopled by mudslingers, which may help to forestall recruitment.

Mr griffin is not the movement sir; it is not personality but practice, commitment to fundamental nationalist ideology, albeit it geared towards our 21st century predicament. This weblog, would perhaps, aid nationalism, by addressing issues from a correct nationalist perspective, also by urging the many supporters you have to create same, you would develop a major web presence. However giving the reds ammunition is rather foolish, let them write about their inane gatherings, and their abject failure in crushing nationalism, you see in time the people will turn to the right, I believe they will have no choice, I would hope that by then it is not too late. Nat14

Anti-gag said...

Britain Forward and Lancaster UAF have on thing in common: they both hate (and are scared of,) the success Nick Griffin has had bring the British National Party into main stream politics.

Chris Hill

Why do you bother, everyone knows UAF are behind this blog.

Britain Forward said...

Chris Hill, an immature student, must be studying paranoia if he can't
tell the difference between British nationalists and red scum. Our
point is that Nick Griffin has failed to bring the BNP into mainstream
politics. We remain on the sidelines, at best an object of curiosity. Maybe
that's why NG is always banging on about civil war instead of
practising "Realpolitik".