Friday, 22 June 2007

David Michael Responds

1. Britain Backward alleges that I resigned from the
BNP because I didn't want to go to the annual college
because I suffer from claustraphobia. (I do not suffer
from claustraphobia and even if I did I don't see how
this would make me not wish to go to their annual
college, unless they were holding it in an elevator!)
The problem here is that the timeline is wrong. I was
unable to attend one annual college because of
business commitments and sent Hannam and Diane
Bridgeman instead. There was no unpleasantness over
this at all. Relations with Hannam and Griffin were
subsequently excellent and I SUBSEQUENTLY handed over
the position of local organizer to him. Another year
passed before I caught him with his fingers in the
till, as it were, and it was only then that the
unpleasantness started. Evidence: eyewitnesses
(probably most of Humberside and Hull and North
Lincolnshire BNP who were around at the time will
recall the local newsletter that made it very clear
that I supported the handover to Hannam. They might
also recall that Nick Griffin and Hannam jointly
addressed a meeting in Hull in which Hannam referred
to me in glowing terms).

2. Britain Backward rehashes the old story that there
was a disagreement between me and Hannam about the
purchase of 50,000 leaflets. There was no such
disagreement. First, email evidence shows that
Bridgeman and Hannam both supported the purchase and
informed me that the leaflets were being printed.
Second, a letter from a Hull printer shows that the
leaflets were indeed printed but that the printer was
complaining that he was not paid. (The letter was sent
to Chris Green who forwarded it to me.) If Hannam
disagreed with the leaflets, why did he not say so
BEFORE the leaflets were printed? He was, after all,
our local organizer at the time. The key question is
this: where was the money when the printer was
complaining about not being paid? The answer is:
Hannam's telephone account.


Anonymous said...

I sit on the A/C, for obvious reasons i can not say who i am, (i would get the chop) but, i will say this, that David Michael is a known troublemaker, and you don't do your cause any service promoting him. He is a known SB informer, ask the Grimsby Organiser! He will tell you.

Griffin/Hannam are both crooks, but Michael is not the man to expose this.

You are losing support - Get Smart!

Pete R said...

The key problem here isn't the personal matter of Dr Michael. I haven't a clue whether any of the allegations about him are justified or not.

What can no longer be denied is that significant numbers of BNP activists (and others who used to be active but have quit in despair) no longer have confidence in the present leadership's handling of internal disciplinary matters.

A new leadership is required to wipe the slate clean and rebuild confidence in this area, as well as in the related matter of party finances.

That new leadership could then look again at the many cases where individuals have been expelled and/or proscribed.

No secret deals. No judgments motivated by factional spite (or for that matter factional favour) - but judgments based on serious examination of the facts.

In such circumstances most of us would have nothing to fear. Dr Michael can no doubt speak for himself.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of printers not being paid, I’d just like to inform the BNP via your blog that I have requested the debt collectors coming to me for THE BNP MERCHANDISE bill that I shall be glad to go to court in April next year just before the local elections with a huge press entourage.

If the BNP dislikes paying British businesses then those businesses will have to accept the money from an unemployed female caring for her disabled son but not before I decimate the BNP vote in Birmingham by informing the electorate of what THE BNP have done and that the only truly trustworthy nationalist party is the NNP whose finances are available for the world to read online.

I have the signed receipt of the collection of the goods by Birmingham Branch as evidence and several current BNP members as witnesses. I have the printed information of sales and collections since my resignation and they more than cover the amount owed. If Birmingham branch would like extra money to pay this bill they could always ask John Walker for the £980 he swiped from branch funds stating it was for a BNP HQ emergency and they can always be as brave as I was and state quite emphatically…


But, remember, John Walker will phone you up and tell you “I’ll pull the fucking rug from underneath you and leave you high and dry”

How are you John, I hope you’re reading this? You do know that what goes around comes around and you’ll be getting yours as soon as you sign off those accounts.


Sharon Ebanks

If the press are looking in and would like an interview on the above subject and my personal opinion of both Griffin and Walker, please leave a message on my answering machine and I’ll get back to you.

Anonymous said...

Evidence, Miss Ebanks, evidence.

All you spout are words and threats.

Do not threaten, just do.

You need to demonstrate patience and painstaking industry in formulating your case against the BNP HQ.

But all you show so far is obscene bad temper.